wet tissue machine

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Product Description

This machine is used to produce wet tissue for baby.
It is a update model machine. It is capacity is much higher than the old model. There are 2 Servo Packaging machines.

1-1 Auto Unwinding
1) Raw material: spunlace non-woven fabric
2) Raw material width: 180-220 mm
3) Raw material diameter: 1400 mm(maximum)
4) Inner diameter: 76.2 mm
5) Paper stack QTY: 40set
6) Unwind control: servo control
7) Tension set: touch screen

1-2    Folding and Pulling
1) Folding width: 95-115mm (adjustable)
2) Folding type: Z fold and interfold
3) Type transfer: can adjust folding type
4) Unwind speed: 50M/min
5)Pulling drive: servo motor

1-3 Quantitative Moisture
1)Moisture proportion: 60-80%
2)Liquid level scope: 5.0-64L/min
3)Moisture accuracy: ±2%, flow meter control
4)Environment temperature: -20~+80℃
5)Moisture set: touch screen

1-4 Wet Wipes Pulling
1)Pulling belt: PE white belt     
2)Pulling tension: touch screen set
3)Pulling drive: servo motor

1-5 Cyclotron Flail Knife
1)Cue length: 120-250mm
2)Cut speed: 200 knives/min, design 260knives/min
3)Cut accuracy: ±0.5%
4)Operate type: separate touch screen

1-6 Transport Diversion
1)Transport type: servo motor
2)Diversion drive: servo motor
3)Diversion type: divide into two rows, synchronization packing
4)Diversion set: touch screen

1-7 Auto Packing Machine (two sets)
1)Packing film diameter: max 380mm
2)Packing film width: max 460mm
3)Bag length: 150-350mm touch screen set
4)Packing width: 100-125mm (adjustable)
5)Product height: 20-100mm (adjustable)
6)Speed control: 50-60 bags/set/min, the whole produce line 120 bags /min
7)Operate interface: separate touch screen
8)Reciprocating control: servo motor
9)End seal control: servo motor
10)Film feeding control: servo motor
11)Material feeding control: servo motor
12)Punch & Sticker: servo motor

Option equipment: date coder

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