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Product Description

This machine is used to produce makeup remover.

Flowing chart: auto unwind-vertical folding-transport-moisture-cutting-cross folding-stacking &counting-hold the material by manipulator-synchronization transport-four rows in one-auto packing
1-1 Auto Unwinding Machine
1) Raw material: spunlace non-woven fabric
2) Raw material width: 600-880mm, four rows small roll 150-220mm
3) Raw material weight:40-60g/m2
4) Raw material diameter:1400mm(maximum)
5) Inner diameter: 76.2mm
6) Tension control: servo motor
1-2 Folding Machine
1)Folding width: 60-100mm (adjustable)
2)Folding type: V,N,,Z+Z cross fold
3)Cutting length: 200mm(fixed size)
4)Counting design:10-30 sheets touch screen set
5)Stacking & layered: servo control, max height is 50mm
6)Folding speed:1000-1200 sheets/min
7)Operate interface: separate touch screen
8)Moisture type: flow meter quantitative moisture
9)Liquid Qty set: touch screen set
10)Moisture scope: liquid content: 60-80%, 0.5 -16L/min
11)Array in line type: servo control, four rows in one auto.

1-3 Auto Packing Machine
1)Packing film diameter: max 350mm
2)Packing film width: max 460mm
3)Bag length: 150-300mm touch screen set
4)Packing width: 60-110mm(adjustable)
5)Product height: 10-60mm(adjustable)
6)End seal type: reciprocating end seal,(can choose airplane hole)
7)Speed: 10-80bags/min
8)Operate interface: separate touch screen
9)Reciprocating control: servo motor
10)End seal control: servo motor
11)Film feeding motor: servo motor
12)Material feeding motor: servo motor
13)Punch & sticker: servo motor
1-4 Agitate Tank
1)Agitate tank volume: 600L,2sets
2)Liquid level control: electronic detect, set through touch screen
3)Flow quantity detect: flow meter(made by Germany)
4)Liquid filter: 240 mesh double filter system
5)Pipeline connect: ISO Jam quick connector
6)Disinfecting type: Vapor tension 0.48kgf/cm2&≤+80℃ hot water

Power:  AC380V  50/60HZ  20KW
Compressed air: 0.6-0.8Mpa, Consumption: 0.5m3/min
Machine size: L8800MMⅹW2600MMⅹH2100MM

Option equipment: date coder

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