• Orthopedic Fiberglass bandage
  • Orthopedic Fiberglass bandage

Orthopedic Fiberglass bandage

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CNY ¥ 1 / pc

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1 pc

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Product Description

Orthopedic Fiberglass bandage
    Fiberglass bandage, also called high Polymer Bandage, is made of multi-layer polymer polyurethane which would be saturated through special fiberglass. Polyurethane contains a chain of soft block copolymers with the advantages of quicker curing and stronger hardness after curing and lighter in weight.
A. Stronger hardness and lighter weight.
B. Lacunaris and good ventilation.
C. Quick Curing
D. Excellent X Ray penetrability
E. Good waterproofness.
G. Convenient operation and good plasticity.
H. Comfortability and safety
1-    color: Blue, Green, Black, White
2-    size:
2” x 4 yard
3” x 4 yard
4”x4 yard
5”x4 yard
6” x4 yard
Packaging detail:

Items    Packaging detail      
5.0cm*360cm    10 rolls/box*12 box /carton      
7.5cm*360cm    10 rolls/box*12 box /carton      
10.0cm*360cm    10 rolls/box* 9 box /carton      
12.5cm*360cm    10 rolls/box* 9 box /carton      
15.0cm*360cm    10 rolls/box* 9 box /carton     

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