cement bag making machine

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Product Description

Geometrical dimensions measuring and control
The actual dimensions of the bottom geometry of each individual sack are measured photo electrically and compared with the nominal values. If set tolerance values are exceeded, the valve patch will be ejected, glue application will be stopped and the defective sack will eject from the production flow by means of a reject gate.
Empty place detective
The empty place (where is shortage of a sack on production flow) can be detected, correspond with the empty place, the valve patch is ejected through bypass, and the gluing does not apply. Thus, it avoids the stop of machine may cause by valve patch and pasting application for the empty place.  
Block pre-detective and automatic breaker
PCS had specially designed for pre- detecting the blocking of the production flow. When the foreboding phenomena of blocking are detected, the automatic breaker can act to stop the machine in a very short time. Therefore, it efficiently shortens the duration of machine stoppage caused by blocking. And it is also very important for the safety of the machine itself.
Tube lengths feeding control
In case of double tube lengths are fed, the feeder can automatically eject them from the production flow, and if the blocking happened on the feeder, it will stop automatically. 
Packet and delivery by group
Users can set the quantity of each sack packet according their own will, in the packet station, the sacks are counted then delivered by groups.
Frequency conversion control unit and multipoint speed control
The frequency conversion control unit guarantees a stable, quick, low-noise and energy saving adjustment of speed. A special designing makes a convenience speed control, the speed adjustment can be done at wherever of control panel, unwind station, printer and so on.
Glue supply automatic control
Output automatic counting 
Technical Data of Model HD100-II Bottom Pasting Machine
Sack Length mm 620-900
Sack Width mm 300-520
Sack Bottom Width mm 90-130
Sack Bottom Center Distance mm 330-650
Double Valve Patch Cutting Length mm 120-240
First Valve Scrip Width mm 130-180
Second Valve Scrip Width mm 180-280
Tube Shape Second Valve Width mm 80-130
Tube Valve Printed Color Numder Color 1
Vacuump (-50kPa) m3/h 200
Compressed Air (0.8 MPa) m3/min 1
Output bags/min 100
Equipment Power Consumption KW 21.6
Equipment Dimension (L×W×H) m×m×m 22.9×2.75×2.3
Equipment Weight t 23

Technical Data of Model HD100-IB Bottom Pasting Machine
Sack Length mm 620-900
Sack Width mm 380-550
Sack Bottom Width mm 90-130
Sack Bottom Center Distance mm 390-600
Valve Patch Cutting Length mm 170
Patch Reel Width mm 130-220
Vacuump (-80kPa) m3/h 260
Compressed Air (0.8 MPa) m3/min 0.7
Output bags/min 100
Equipment Power Consumption KW 26
Equipment Dimension (L×W×H) m×m×m 21.8×2.7×1.85
Equipment Weight t 21.9

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