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face mask machine

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1 pc

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Product Description

Face Mask making machine


There are two different type none-woven make. One is ear loop type, anther is tie type. The both type production is similar. Both type need one machine to make the face mask pad, ear loop type need one ultrasonic welding machine to fix the loop on the pad. And the tie type need one tie machine to sew the tie on the pad.


Mask pad making machine



1-      material: nonewoven spunlaced

2-      layers: 1~4 layers

3-      length of mask: 125~180mm

4-      width of mask: 80~110mm

5-      capacity: 80~145 pcs/min (adjustable)

6-      power: 3 phase, AC380V 50Hz 2.0KW

7-      dimension: L3700mm x W800 x H1400mm



Tie fixing machine



1-      capacity: 40~80 pcs/min

2-      power: 3 phase, AC380V 50Hz 2.7Kw

3-      dimension: L2800mm x W800mm x H1200mm

4-      weight: 500kg



ultrasonic welding machine


1-      power: 600W

2-      welding frequency: 120 times/min, one time one point

3-      capacity: about 8000 mask per worker per day.



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