Woven Gauze Cutting& Rewinding Machine

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CNY ¥ 1 / pc

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1 pc

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Product Description

Product Description
It works in the first process of gauze compress manufacturing. It cut the large width ) of ready-made absorbent gauze into required width and rewinds them into required legth for loading on the following Gauze Compress Folding Machines, Gauze roll making machines and Guaze krinkling line.

Work width: 90cm to 240
Knives Setup: 6 pairs of knives (Upper one is to crash the thread, Lower one is to cut-off the thread, as a result there will be no outside threads on the cutting area. In other words, the edge is clean)
Minimum Cutting Tolerance: 5cm.
Cutting and Rewinding Speed: 70 to 120 meters per Minute
(Speed Adjustable by Frequency converter)
Pneumatic Air Shaft with Measuring Ruler for Winding.

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