field hospital-mobile hospital

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Product Description

Field hospital-- mobile hospital


According to the main task of the national emergency medical rescue team, the tent hospital management Seek, including tent hospital basic function, the basic technology of tent hospital, equipment packaging form, tent hospital deployment, deployment,transportation plan, clear use of tent hospital medical rescue work technical specification, realize the optimization positioning, so as to further enhance the standardization of national emergency medical rescue team ability construction.

2. scope of application

This guide is applicable to the national emergency medical rescue team with tents as a working platform to undertake foreign or domestic disaster medical rescue tasks.

This guide is a guiding document and does not replace the special work deployment and on-site judgment of the administrative departments. The

administrative department of health and family planning and the field commanders have the right to adjust the number of teams, personnel formation, layout, scope of treatment and carrying of materials according to the actual situation of disaster rescue.

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