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Medical products machinery list,

1-      absorbent cotton production line
2-      cotton ball machine
3-      cotton pad machine

4-      cotton bandage machine
5-      cotton swab machine
6-      cotton roll machine
7-      absorbent cotton roll machine
8-      make-up remover machine
9-      zigzag cotton machine
10-   dental cotton roll machine
11-   gauze swab folding machine
12-   gauze slitting machine
13-   gauze folding machine
14-   lap sponges folding machine
15-   alcohol swab machine
16-   gauze bandage machine
17-   bandage coreless rewinding machine
18-   burn dressing machine
19-   emergency survival sheet folding machine

20-   gauze swab packaging machine
21-   blister packaging machine
22-   pillow type packaging machine
23-   plaster of paris bandage machine
24-   face mask machine
25-   blood bag making machine