absorbent bleached cotton machine

absorbent bleached cotton machine

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absorbent bleachecd cotton machine

- capacity: 1MT per 6 hours
- Power:AC380V 50/60Hz 12KW

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what is absorbent cotton?

Absorbent cotton is obtained from degreased and bleached short, very loose, soft cotton fibers or viscose staple fiber. The fibrous material is in part broken down to the individual fibers, which naturally adhere together.

Absorbent cotton for medical dressings consists of nonwoven fleeces of fine, roughly parallel, knot-free cotton fibers, up to 3 cm in length, made from spinning mill waste (comber waste). It is sterile and is therefore suitable for use in dressings.

How to storage absorbent cotton?

Do not accept for loading absorbent cotton which is wet, damp, contaminated or discolored.

Subject to compliance with the appropriate temperature and humidity/moisture conditions, duration of storage is not a limiting factor as regards transport and storage life.

How to say absorbent cotton in different language?

Product name

German Watte
English Absorbent cotton, wadding
French Ouate
Spanish Algodón
Scientific Gossypium hirsutum
CN/HS number * 56 ff.

(* EU Combined Nomenclature/Harmonized System)

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